We specialize in individual programs and / or group placement of experienced workers. From intake to housing and the opening of a bank account to transfer to and from the workplace; Job 4everybody offers a complete solution.

With one call we immediately have a large group of permanent employees available. 24 hours a day we provide motivated and flexible employees. This is done at competitive rates and for many different jobs.

Job 4everybody can also provide good and trusted employees for long term.

In Poland we manage private Recruitment office where trained consultants perform the selection interviews for us. This office also provides advice and support to our employees.

In the Netherlands we have interpreters present to streamline communication between employee and client. These interpreters are available 24 hours a day.

Why Job 4everybody?

  • We have our own Recruitment Office in Poland
  • A large network in all EU countries
  • Advice and support to EU staff
  • Dutch-Polish speaking coordinator present to streamline communications
  • Wide range of motivated employees who are available immediately
  • Flexible staff
  • Posting of good employees in the long term
  • Workers are free terminable
  • No sick risks
  • no administration or human resources
  • unlimited capacity
  • within 24 hours avalible
  • no recruitment and selection needed